Kik For PC Windows and Mac – Kik For PC Download Latest Update [2019]


In the world of messaging with the internet, who send text messages now?

When you can share videos or images with your friends at any moment just by a click, Kik messenger for pc is just an app for your need, where you catch up with your friends.

We all are busy with several messaging apps which makes it challenging to know which the best one is. Here, Kik for PC is the instant messaging app that came in 2010, and what is the best thing about this app?

You can use it at any device whether its windows, mac or android. Many apps are there which do not support all the tools. However, here we Have Kik app for PC which is accessible to all and works just with your mobile number.

Name Of the AppKik For PC
Category Free Communication App
Official URL
Supported Operating System Android
Current Version Kik
Previous Version Kik
Download File Size49.2 MB
Package NameKik For PC
Features Chatting
Minimum Requirement Minimum Android 4.1 and Up
File Size 49.2 MB
DeveloperKik Team

With Kik, you can share every detail of your day with your family and friends. However, if you want to use the messenger on your laptop or PC then first you have to install it in your mobile device and then download kik for pc.

Not downloaded Kik on your mobile phone yet?

It’s effortless, go to your store whether it’s your Google play store or App Store or Windows store. It’s a free app and takes a few seconds to install on your smartphone. Now, signup with your personal details and then add your profile picture and you are ready to go to chat with your friends.


Have you wondered why you should download Kik on your PC when there are so many other apps? We will tell you some features of this messenger that will make you feel why Kik is an interesting app.

  • We respect your privacy. This messenger offers you the feature to modify your user name whenever you want. The mobile number that you provide is a secret, and only you can access it.
  • It gives the best chatting experience with a variety of emoji, stickers or sketches that makes your chat more engaging.
  • Leave whenever you want. When you leave the app, you can continue afterwards from the point you left.
  • For your convenience, this app has a backup option for you from where you can keep the old chats with you.
  • Chat live with your loved ones or at the professional level. Kik has an exclusive feature of customized ringtones, wallpapers, background, and HD call as well.
  • With this messenger, have a group chat anywhere. So not only personally but also you can share videos, images, and stickers with all.
  • A new feature that is in is there and that is you can receive messages even if you block them. Moreover, they can see that the message is delivered to you, and it will never change to read messages.
  • Here, you can instantly know if your message has been sent or delivered and read by the receiver at that moment.
  • In this messenger, you can find any of your friend or anyone else, by scanning their Kik code or searching their username.
  • You can have face time with your friends in HD quality.
  • One remarkable feature in Kik is that it will never let you get bored in Kik bot. Inside the bot, you can play games and activities with the bot when your friends are not available for chatting. So it can be your pastime app as well.

How to Download Kik for PC?

Since there is no direct method to download Kik on your PC or laptop so, you have to go for other ways. There is no need to worry, and there are many alternatives.

  • Bluestacks Method

The first method to have Kik on your PC is to download an android emulator first. Android emulators are necessary for your PC as they keep your PC virus free when you download mobile applications on PC. Bluestacks has been considered the top android emulators as it works properly and is straightforward and easy to use.

To download Bluestacks, you to go to the official website of Bluestacks. It gives you access to all the android applications that you want to use on your PC.


The best thing about Bluestacks is that it works without internet access. As you download Bluestacks, you will have to install it on your PC, and you can watch over the progress as it installs. You have to sign up with your Google account information.

Then you have to open Google play store, or App Store in Bluestacks itself and download Kik, and you will be able to see the progress of installation of Kik on your PC and use multiple apps in a single database. As it downloads and installs, then activate your account and start chatting with your friends.

kik search

Still, if you are not convinced with Bluestacks then we have the two following ways of downloading kik for pc without Bluestacks.

  • Chrome Extension Method

Using chrome extension for Kik is very beneficial. Open the chrome browser and search for Kik messenger and click on the chrome web store and add the extension. Here we are done with installing it as an extension and we can have fun. Power up your app with the chrome extension.

Go to Google web store < search for Kik < add extension < install Kik on your PC

  • Leapdroid Method

Leapdroid is also an android emulator that gives you access to the games in higher resolution and is a safe mode in your PC.

You can download Leapdroid from the chrome and as it starts installing, you have to wait a bit longer as it’s a large file. When leapdroid downloads in your PC, add your email details and then download Kik app on your PC.

How to Download Kik on Mac?

Now when you’re done with downloading Kik for PC windows 10 or in any other Windows that you have.

Now let’s discuss how to download Kik on a Macbook.

Kik messenger takes 150 MB of the storage of your mac.

kik on mac

With technology getting modern day by day, people are more into sharing their moments and sometimes they prefer sharing official documents too, online only. Kik for Mac has more different kinds of features.

In mac, Kik is available directly in the apps store. You just have to search for the app in the AppStore, and then as you install it, you are ready to use it. When you go to apps store, you just have to add your Mac ID and password.

Kik makes it safe and easy to function in Mac. You have to set up Kik with your details such as name mail address and select a username you want to show to the world and enter your birth date. It only allows users who are above 13 years of age.

Now, downloading the messenger on your device is easy for you.

There is one more of using Kik without downloading on your PC and it is known as Kik Online.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Why are my Kik messages stuck on s?

A1. S means your messages have been sent but not delivered to the receiver. This may be because of connection error in your device, or the person you are sending the messages may be inactive on the messenger.

Q2. Why are my Kik messages not showing up?

A2. Check your phone’s setting if the data saver of any device is switched on and Kik is not included in the apps which are used data in the background, then it may be the reason you can’t see your notifications.

Q3. Why does my Kik keep saying connecting?

A3. Check your device’s connection in case your app is not receiving and sending messages. Check your connection or restart your device.

Q4. How can I tell if I’m blocked on Kik?

A4. It doesn’t allow you to see whether you are blocked by someone or not. But you can guess it if your messages are getting delivered (D) but don’t change to read (R).

Q5. Can you be tracked on Kik?

A5. No, it doesn’t allow anyone to see your location. It has its exclusive network that monitors the functioning of the messages.

Q6. Is Kik dangerous?

A7. No, it is safe and has special privacy features that make your account safe and secure. Allah the messages are directly sent and encrypted.

So, I guess with the details provided, you might have an ear idea of the Kik messenger and now you can install it or solve any issues that you might be facing after installing it.

Wrap Up

Messaging has become everyone’s need and getting the app with stable working is excellent, isn’t it? When you know Kik for PC is such a unique app with all the features of your requirements, then why would anyone go for another app? Along with safe chatting, it keeps your chats private and allows you to add up to 49 people in group chat. Apart from this, this app gives a feature of an inbuilt web browser.

With time, Kik for PC is becoming famous amongst the youth. Explore the world of chatting with Kik as you can keep your identity private here.

Kik adds life to your chatting. It is just more than chatting with your friends and family. If you want to know more about alternatives to the Kik app then you can read this article.